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Visiting Door County Land Trust Preserves

Three Spring Preserve- Photo by Julie SchartnerOne of the most exciting things about supporting the Door County Land Trust is getting to know the special places you helped protect!  Visiting a Door County Land Trust Preserve is a great opportunity to enjoy Door County's natural areas and scenic beauty.

Below are some guidelines to make your next visit to a Door County Land Trust Preserve more enjoyable.  And don't forget to visit our Trail Maps & Preserve Directions page to view directions to our preserves and print maps before you go!

Guidelines for Visiting Door County Land Trust Preserves

Most of the lands owned by the Door County Land Trust are open to the public year-round for day use, from dawn to dusk, for passive recreational activities including:

  • Hiking
  • Bird Watching
  • Nature study
  • Cross-country skiing
  • Snowshoeing
  • Photography
  • Fishing
  • Some types of Hunting - For more information about hunting opportunities, please see our Hunting Program.

Lands protected by a conservation easement remain in private ownership, however, and are open to the public only during special Land Trust Events.

Door County Land Trust Preserves are managed to protect fragile ecological resources and provide habitat for native plants and wildlife. There are no staff on-site, no restrooms and only a few preserves have areas suitable for a picnic. Visitors should come prepared with drinking water, snacks, and appropriate clothing for changing weather conditions.  The trails are minimally maintained, and trail systems are designed to steer visitors away from the most ecologically fragile portions of the preserve and toward those areas that can handle more use.

For the safety and enjoyment of our visitors as well as the health of our forests, meadows and wetlands, we ask that you please observe the following rules:

  1. View Trail MapsPlease stay on the trails at all times.  Pedestrians off-trail cause disturbance to vegetation and wildlife and may encounter poison ivy or other natural hazards.  Also, portions of the trail are in close proximity to neighboring private lands.  Visit our Trail Maps & Preserve Directions webpage to view directions and print maps for Land Trust Preserves with marked hiking trails.

  2. Please use the boot brush station at the trailhead to clean your footwear before you begin your hike. By removing invasive plant seeds that cling to hikersí shoes, you can help us prevent the spread of invasive species which are one of the greatest threats to the native plant and animal communities on our preserves.

  3. Dogs are welcome on the trails, but must be kept on a leash at all times.

  4. Please take out everything you bring with you, including garbage.

  5. For information on hunting rules and opportunities, please see our Hunting Program webpage.

  6. Remember to wear blaze orange or brightly colored clothing during open bow hunting seasons when visiting one of our Preserves where we allow Hunting.  We do not recommend hiking on Land Trust Preserves during hunting seasons that involve firearms and visiting preserves during this time is at your own risk.

  7. Please stay within the preserve boundaries and do not trespass on neighboring private lands.

  8. The following activities are not permitted on Door County Land Trust Preserves:

  • Use of vehicles, including bicycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, and aircraft, etc.
  • Camping
  • Cooking or camp fires
  • Rock climbing
  • Horseback riding
  • Geocaching
  • Dogs off-leash
  • Collection or disturbance of any natural material, alive or dead. This includes fruits, nuts, other edible plant parts, animals, fungi, rocks, minerals, fossils, archaeological artifacts, soil, downed wood, wildflowers and other plants, etc. 

Please Note:

  • Collection for scientific research requires permission from the Door County Land Trust and the WI Department of Natural Resources.
  • Caving requires written permission from the Door County Land Trust.
  • Use of firearms or other weapons is not permitted, except where allowed for permissible hunting activities as described on our Hunting Program webpage and in accordance with local ordinances.

Thank you for respecting these rules as you enjoy visiting Door County Land Trust Preserves.   We appreciate your help in keeping these special places a safe and serene environment for visitors and wildlife alike!

Hiking Trails of the Door County Land Trust App

The Hiking Trails of the Door County Land Trust App has trail maps for 13 Door County Land Trust Nature Preserves, descriptions of hiking terrain, and notable details for hikers.

Download the iPhone version here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/hiking-trails/id834259051?mt=8

Or, the Android version here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jk1001011.dclt_hikes


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